Bedrock Gin - Spirit of the Lakes

Bedrock Gin 70cl


40% abv

Bedrock is a premium London Dry gin enlivened by the vibrancy of botanicals and perfected through passionate craftsmanship to create a singularly smooth gin. A blend of juniper, coriander, lemon and orange peel, angelica root, liquorice and cinnamon give Bedrock a subtle citrus character that refreshes and revives. Distilling this botanical blend with Lake District kiln–dried oak bark produces a clean elemental finish and award winning smoothness.

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Bedrock Gin
Enjoy Bedrock’s singular smoothness and blend of vibrant botanicals with premium light tonic water mixer, ice, a slice of lime and a garnish of basil.

25 ml of Bedrock Gin
75ml light tonic water
Slice of lime
Sprig of basil leaf
Cubed ice
Juniper background

The world's best Gin

“An exceptional example of a London Dry Gin, with profound juniper and a persistant citrus quality - a lovely lingering finish.”

IWCS Judging

Gin Masters Gold Award